Imen Payesh Houshmand Asia (Iphaco)


What Do We Offer?

Provide effective technical solutions

Iphaco is proud of its unwavering and sincere cooperation in the form of effective technical solutions to engineers, designers and machine builders to improve their production and technical plans and drawings in order to optimize performance or apply effective changes to increase efficiency and accuracy. Offer higher.

After-sales service

Iphaco is always committed to providing quality and durable products to its customers at reasonable prices. From the beginning of the company’s activity until now, customer satisfaction has always been the top and basis of work. Our relationships with our customers and business partners are interactive and we know our survival in being and surviving our customers.

Full aristocracy to the industry market

Iphaco is fully aware of the industry market, as well as how to operate and use parts and products of industrial automation and parts of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, has always been a guide and together with various industrial sectors in the field of designing machines or replacing parts.

High-consumption products of industrial automation

More than 2,000 starred items with more reasonable prices and more variety of choices are included in Festo’s product portfolio.

نمایندگی فستو تهران

Iphaco Services


One of the main strengths and concentrations of Iphaco is doing industrial projects, designing and manufacturing equipment needed by industries.

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Due to the increasing progress of new technologies and the daily market of various equipment and parts, the selection of appropriate equipment or the way systems are designed is rapidly changing

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Standard courses in pneumatics, hydraulics and electric drives are in accordance with the defined and standard topics and introduce the participants to the basic concepts, applications and other requirements.

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