One of the pillars of dynamism and growth of any collection is the up-to-dateness of its employees and officials. These trainings should be defined in line with the goals and needs of each set and should be held continuously.

Ifaco, in order to increase productivity and up-to-date technical knowledge of industrial complexes, in addition to its activities, also provides training. Iphaco training courses are divided into two main groups, standard courses and special courses.

Standard courses in pneumatics, hydraulics and electric drives are in accordance with the defined and standard topics and introduce the participants to the basic concepts, applications and other requirements.

Specific courses are defined and implemented according to the needs of each set for one or more specific devices, with the aim of more accurately familiarizing technical factors with the type of operation, equipment, troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance and..

Also, workshops on how to use engineering software and Festo catalogs, reducing energy consumption, etc. will be held according to the needs of each collection.

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